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Images of Taonga Māori

Images of taonga have cultural significance to Māori. Such images and their associated information should be used for personal use only.

Reproduction requests

If you require images from Heritage New Zealand's collection, please contact National Office, information@heritage.org.nz, stating the image(s) you require, referencing the relevant publication or website page(s), and explaining how the image(s) will be used.  Fees for reproduction may apply.  Please note that some images may not be available for reproduction.

Images shown within the List Online may not necessarily be available for third party use - they are shown here with the kind permission of owners and other interested persons. These images are usually not available in high resolution. Most registered places are privately owned, so permission from the owner, photographer and iwi all may be required before images can be reproduced elsewhere. Charges may apply.

Photography in or around Heritage New Zealand properties and workplaces

Visitors may photograph, record or film people and general scenes within and around Heritage New Zealand properties for private purposes such as personal study, mementoes of a visit or a special occasion.   Images taken this way may not be sold commercially or displayed publicly without the permission of Heritage New Zealand. 

Commercial photography will require permission, and may attract charges.  Please contact the property manager to discuss your requirements. 

Photography and filming may be prohibited at certain times or at certain exhibitions.  Where this is the case, any limitations will be communicated clearly.

Use Heritage New Zealand's logos on other websites

The logo, masthead and name are the property of Heritage New Zealand and protected under the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014.  The former NZHPT logo is protected by trademark. 

The Heritage New Zealand logo must not be placed on an external website, within any publication or otherwise used by any party without the express written approval of Heritage New Zealand. Contact National Office, + 64 4 472 4341 or information@heritage.org.nz for more information.

Links to/from Heritage New Zealand's website

Heritage New Zealand reserves the right to approve the use of hypertext links to or from its website.  Framing of our material is not permitted – in order to ensure the accuracy of information being presented to the public and good user experiences, we prefer hyperlinks to the relevant pages.

Links from the Heritage New Zealand website to external websites are provided for the convenience of users, and do not constitute any endorsement or approval of content by us.  External link requests usually will be assessed against the appropriateness to which the purpose or content of the other website meets Heritage New Zealand's mission and organisational objectives. 

Please contact National Office for more information.


Heritage New Zealand hopes you will be delighted with purchases made from us.  We understand that sometimes things go wrong despite the best efforts of our staff and delivery agents to give good service.

All purchases from this site, our properties or workplaces are covered by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 which guarantees that any goods purchased for personal use may be returned, if they are considered faulty, require repair, replacement or refund of purchase price within a reasonable period of time as defined by Act.

Please get in touch with the staff at the point of purchase for advice regarding returns or exchanges. 

Social media terms of use

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga operates a number of different social media channels (including those for the properties we care for on behalf of the New Zealand Government and people). We use these channels to raise awareness about the work of Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga, connect with the public, and create opportunities for the public to engage with heritage. Read our Social media terms of use to find out how we engage online.