Dalgety and Company Limited Building (Former)

284 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

  • Dalgety and Company Limited Building, Nelson.
    Copyright: Heritage New Zealand. Taken By: Deirdre Byrne. Date: 14/06/2017.
  • Dalgety and Company Limited Building, Nelson.
    Copyright: Heritage New Zealand. Taken By: Deirdre Byrne. Date: 14/06/2017.

List Entry Information

List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Historic Place Category 2 Public Access Private/No Public Access
List Number 1621 Date Entered 25th November 1982 Date of Effect 25th November 1982


City/District Council

Nelson City


Nelson Region

Legal description

Pt Sec 445 City of Nelson and Lot 2-3 DP 1870 (RT NL64/34), Nelson Land District


Construction Professionalsopen/close

Griffin, Arthur Reynolds

Griffin practised architecture in Nelson from the early 1900s to about 1960.

Arthur Reynolds Griffin was the grandson of John Griffin the founder of Griffin & Sons Ltd, the Nelson-based biscuit company. Born and raised in Nelson, A.R. Griffin trained in architecture via the International Correspondence School based in Pennsylvania in the United States. Simultaneously, he worked as a draughtsman in the offices of JD and L Robertson before setting up his own offices in the Norwich Union Chambers. His work in Nelson was diverse and prolific including the Nelson Institute (1911, List No. 1603), the former Nelson Hospital (1925) and Nurses Home (1916), and the Church Steps (1913; List No. 253), funded by Griffin’s patron, Thomas Cawthron. He designed Nelson’s Plunket and Rest Rooms (1936; List No. 5169), and a host of commercial buildings including the Ritz Kerr Building (c.1930; List No. 3027), and the former Dalgety and Co Ltd Building (c.1930; List No. 1621). He was also successful in winning a number of design competitions, notably Hokitika’s Carnegie Free Public Library (List No. 1702) completed in 1908. It was noted in the local press that Griffin made trips to Australia and brought ideas back with him both for his commercial work, and for the hospital, illustrating the architectural connection between the two countries.

FROM: Summary Report Anchor Shipping & Foundry Co Building, NELSON (List No. 1554) by M. Katz March 2020

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Notable Features

Brick pilaster strips and frieze, square metal frame windows

Construction Dates

Original Construction
1929 -

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