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  • Pouerua.
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List Number 6711 Date Entered 2nd June 1994 Date of Effect 2nd June 1994


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This historic place was registered as a Traditional Site under the Historic Places Act 1980. The text below is an extract from the original paper considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration (HP 233/1990).

The application to have Pou e rua declared a traditional site was submitted on behalf of the Ngapuhi runanga and all its hapu: Ngati Hine, Ngati Whakaeke, Ngati Maoerewa, Ngati Rahiri, Ngati Kawa, Ngati Kopaki, Ngati Teara, and all others around the Taiamai area. For these people and their tupuna before them, Pou e rua is a prominent terraced pa of great significance. The pa and the surrounding stonefields have been investigated in recent times by a team of Auckland University archaeologists (refer to Historic Places in New Zealand, vol, 14, September 1986). The site and its connecting landscape includes the pa Pouerua; stonefield areas gardened by Maori using traditional methods; stonefield systems created by the missionary Williams in his training of Maori in British farming practices; and the lake Owhareiti.

Pouerua was reassessed by the Maori Heritage Council on 2 June 1994 under the transitional provisions of the Historic Places Act 1993 (HPA 1993), and re-entered onto the Register as a Category I historic place. The text below is an extract from the original paper considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of the reassessment of the registration (MHC 1994/6/31).

Pouerua is considered to be an archaeological site of special and outstanding historical and cultural heritage significance and value. Pouerua is considered the origin and the watershed or pou of the two tribal areas of Ngapuhi, at the Hokianga in the west and Taumarere in the east.


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Information Sources

Historic Places in New Zealand

Historic Places in New Zealand

R. Green and D. Sutton, 'Field School Uncovers Pouerua's Past', vol. 14, September 1986

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