Heritage Trails - your gateway to some unforgettable heritage experiences through a series of free, interactive tours for smart phones and tablets.  Experience history right where it happened, and listen to extraordinary stories of amazing people and places.

  • Path to Nationhood, Northland

    Path to Nationhood app

    See history through new eyes: prepare to be shocked, amazed and amused!

    Download any of the six free Path to Nationhood tours for Android (Google Play) and experience the heart and soul of early New Zealand’s Northland, where Māori and Pākehā first met, traded, philosophised, fought, loved – and established a nation like no other.

  • The Waikato War

    Tohu Maumahara

    For ten months during 1863 to 1864, the once peaceful hills and plains of Waikato rang with battle cries and the boom of warships. At stake was some of the North Island’s most fertile farmland, around the Waikato and Waipa rivers. When the smoke cleared, the British had seized more than one million acres of tribal territory, and the door was open to Pakeha control of the North Island.  Use the downloadable files and map to explore the 1863-64 battle sites for yourself.

  • High Street Stories

    Cotters building, 158 High Street

    The Canterbury earthquakes (2010/2011) irrevocably damaged Christchurch’s High Street precinct, with Victorian and Edwardian streetscapes and lively laneways changed forever.  Download this Android app and use the augmented reality feature to see High Street as it was.