Helpful hints for searching the List Online

Need some help with searching the List Online?  Try these hints and tips.  If you still can't find what you're looking for, please contact the Manager Heritage Listing. 

General advice on searching

We recommend that you always use the <Search> button to execute a search.   The <enter> key may be used on all fields except for the Address.   This address field is linked to  Google maps , which uses the <enter> key differently to  performing a database search here so ALWAYS use the <Search> button if you are conducting searches by Address.

Use the <tab> key to move between search fields.

Address search

The address search is based on Google maps, so Google map defaults determine the location point for the search.  The search then matches against the List database for results within a 2 mile radius of the searched address.  It means that you should find results nearby when you’re unsure of a precise address or name of a place.

When using the 'Address' field to search for a street address with a common name such 'High Street' or 'Victoria Road', please note that the Google map interface only displays a maximum of five search results at any time. The results displayed will be those geographically closest to your current location, as determined by the map’s geolocation function. You will therefore need to start typing the town/city name as well, to bring up the particular address you are interested in. For example, 'Victoria Road, Westport'.

Always click on an address shown in the dropdown list of results before clicking the <Search> button.

Name search

The 'Name' search allows you to select from the available list of names for all NZ Heritage List entries. You can also enter partial name searches such as 'St Paul’s' which will bring up all NZ Heritage List entries with 'St Paul’s' in their name. This is useful when you don’t know the exact name of a place. When entering a partial name, this will appear at the top of the drop-down box of options in lower case font, e.g. 'st paul’s'.  Click that partial name, then the <search> button to return all related results.

If you’re on desktop, collapse the side navigation (click the red "Navigation" box at left) to provide a wider screen to view your results, and explore the map.  Expand it again to visit other pages within the List section of this website. 


The map

The map function operates by geolocating you.

A pop-up box may appear requesting to track your location.  You will be asked to allow or deny this functionality in order for the maps to display; it’s recommended that you allow the functionality. If you have the geolocation function turned off, the map will default to a view of New Zealand.

Looking for places to visit?

Most places on the List are not accessible for the public to visit, and private property rights should be respected at all times. The 'Public Access' field shows whether a place on the List is able to visited, or whether it is private/not accessible to the public.  If you wish to see which places you are able to visit, click on 'Advanced Search' and select 'Able to Visit' under the 'Public Access' field.

'Able to Visit' indicates that a place can be visited by the public – please note that restrictions such as opening hours, access by tour only or charges for entry may apply.  Most of these places are owned by public organisations, but some are in private ownership. Please search online for further visitor information; most places have their own website or webpage with information about public access.

For a list of Heritage New Zealand-owned and managed properties that you may visit, please click here

Unexpected number of results? 

Searching on the "Address" field will show results within a two mile radius of the search parameter used.  We’ve done this because sometimes users aren’t sure of an exact address or name, and this way, you can readily see what’s at or near the place or location you’ve searched for.  

When searching on the "Address" field, a blue marker indicates the address you searched on as defined by Google maps.  If there is an entry on the List there or nearby, these will be indicated by the smaller red markers.

When searching on the "Name" or the "List Number/NZAA number" fields, the direct List match will be shown by a white marker with a dark red border. 

Use the zoom to focus in on the area of greatest interest to you.

The thumbnail summaries underneath the map are ordered by best match to your search parameter(s).  Look through those at the top of the list to see if what you are looking for appears there.


Not finding results?

Make sure you have spelled words correctly, try different key words, a short phrase, or try more or fewer key words if you are using the "Keyword" search field.  If you used macrons on Maori words, or other special language characters, try your search again without using language characters. Don't use wildcards such as percent (%), hash (#) or question mark (?) to conduct boolean searches.

If you do not find results searching on an address, check that you haven’t been too broad (e.g. 'Devonport') with your search criteria, as results may be limited by the 2 mile radius limit.


Still can’t find it?

Use the List's advanced search  to refine your search within the List. Try Heritage Lost for information on heritage places removed from the List.   Contact the Manager Heritage Listing for assistance with the information you’re after.

Returning to your search results

A new browser tab or window will open when you choose to visit a listing page for a place after conducting a search.   This means you won’t lose your search results.  To return to the search results page, select that tab or close the window of the listing page you’ve visited – don’t use your browser back button. 

Keyword search

The following fields are searched in a "Keyword" search

  • List information
  • Construction Materials
  • Construction Professional
  • General
  • Nature of Wahi Tapu
  • Historic Area Places Information
  • Historic/Physical/Cultural Significance
  • Historical Narrative
  • Iwi Name/Hapū Name
  • Physical Description
  • Statement of Wāhi Tapu Values
  • Summary.

Supported browsers

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 as your browser, we recommend that you upgrade to a more recent version, or choose another supported browser (such as Firefox or Chrome). For more information about supported browsers, please click here