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The final decision regarding entry of historic places and historic areas in the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero ('the List') is made by the Board.  The Māori Heritage Council makes the final decision regarding wāhi tūpuna, wāhi tapu and wāhi tapu areas.   Find out about recent entries on the List and reviews of List entries here.

Anyone can apply to have a place or area considered for entry on the List; or an existing entry considered for amendment or removal.  If a nomination or review of an existing List entry is progressed, a report is prepared to explain why a place or area is considered to be worthy of entry on the List.  

These reports are often provided to the public during the notification process, so there is an opportunity to provide comment or make a submission on the proposal.

The Board and Māori Heritage Council consider proposals and any submissions received before making a decision.  

Once the proposed entry is confirmed, information is made available on the List Online.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the Manager Heritage Listing

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April 2020

The Board entered the following places on the List on 15 April 2020.  View the full report (pdf) by clicking the image, or the List Online (summary) listing by following the blue links below.

Category 1 historic places

Napier Women's Rest (former)pdf
Naenae Post Officepdf
Callerys Batterypdf
Women's Rest (former)
Naenae Post Office (former)
Lower Hutt
Callery's Battery
Golden Point Road, Macraes
Scoular Housepdf
Casa Novapdf
Scoular House
Casa Nova

Category 2 historic places

Kopuāranga School (former)pdf
1164 Marine Parade Seawall coverpdf
Swan Memorial Pool Shelter pdf
Kopuāranga School (former)      
Marine Parade Sea Wall (former)     
Swan Memorial Pool Shelter
Commercial Building Christchurchpdf

Commercial Building


Otaki Childrens Health Camppdf
St James Church (Prebyterian), Waihipdf
Ōtaki Children's Health Camp
Extent increased, and confirmed as a
Category 1 historic place.
St James' Church (Presbyterian), Waihī
Extent clarified and confirmed as a
Category 2 historic place.

February 2020

The Board entered the following places on the List on 20 February 2020.  View the full report (pdf) by clicking the image, or the List Online (summary) listing by following the blue links below.

Category 1 historic places

Featherston District War Memorial Coverpdf
Temperance hall report coverpdf
Otago Pioneer Women's Memorial Hall, Dunedinpdf
Featherston District War Memorial
Temperance Hall (former)
Otago Pioneer Women's Memorial Hall

Category 2 historic places

Fallen Soldiers' Memorial, Bullspdf
1897 Flood Heroism Memorial, Napierpdf
Blythe Memorial Fountain, Napier pdf
Fallen Soldiers' Memorial                       
1897 Flood Heroism Memorial     
Blythe Memorial Fountain
South African War Memorial, Napierpdf
Napier Cenotaphpdf
St Joseph's Church (catholic), Riversdale Beachpdf
South African War Memorial
St Joseph's Church (Catholic)
Riversdale Beach

[Report not publicly available]

Orari Gorge Station Homestead


Awamoko Coverpdf
Red House Cranmer review title page pdf
Awamoko Rock Art Site
Island Cliff, Oamaru
Extent increased, and reviewed as a
Category 1 historic place.
Red House
Extent reduced following earthquake damage,
and confirmed as a Category 1 historic place.


Hamilton Chambers reviewpdf
Hamilton Chambers
No longer meets threshold for inclusion through demolition and unsympathetic incorporation of the remaining façade.

February 2020

The Board and Māori Heritage Council of Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga have made a decision on the listing review for Ōtuataua Stonefields (List No. 6055) and approved the expanded extent outlined in the notified listing report and change to Category 1 historic place, with a number of amendments based on submissions. Entry on the New Zealand Heritage List Rārangi Kōrero will take effect on 11 March 2020. View the full amended report (pdf) by clicking the image below.


Otuataua coverpdf

Otuataua Stonefields

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