Mātauranga Māori Funding

As part of the Government’s Te Awe Kōtuku funding package, a $20m investment into the Arts, Culture and Heritage sector over a period of two years, Te Awe Kōtuku funding will support iwi, hapū, whānau and hāpori Māori to protect mātauranga Māori from the impact and the on-going threat of Covid 19. Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga has received a portion of this funding ($2 million) for a work program to support revitalisation of vulnerable mātauranga Māori within two areas: ancestral landscapes and Māori built heritage.

Mātauranga Maori grant funding

Delivery of the Mātauranga Māori programme

Each individual stream will deliver four pou here wānanga, and ten pou arataki wānanga. The pou here wānanga is a forum that engages with pūkenga of the chosen themes to co-design pou arataki wānanga. These are practical wānanga that are intended to be accessible for whānau, hapū and iwi to attend, and are designed to ensure the retention and sustainibility of mātauranga Māori.

Heritage New Zealand has a contestable grant for both the ancestral landscapes and Māori built heritage themes. The contestable grants will be accessible to all iwi, hapū, and hāpori Māori. There are also 4 internships available within the programme. We are committed to this programme and are dedicated to ensuring that these heirlooms of treasure will reach the hands of the future generations.

Read the overview of the programme (pdf, bilingual).

Mātauranga Māori icon for built heritage funding

Whaihanga | Revitalising Māori built heritage conservation mātauranga

This programme and the associated ten small grants will focus on collaborative projects with iwi, hapū, marae hapori, tohunga and kaitiaki to support and revitalise vulnerable areas of mātauranga relating to built forms. Delivery of the programme will be through pūkenga-led wānanga to develop practices and knowledge within community networks.

Place-based wānanga will be developed for varied kaupapa which includes:

  •  the mātauranga surrounding traditional arts and whare construction
  •  mahinga kai
  •  māra kai, and 
  •  tārai waka.

Find out more about the evaluation criteria for applications for the Maori built heritage contestable grants (pdf).

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Ngā Riu o Ngā Tūpuna | Revitalising Mātauranga Māori in ancestral landscapes

This programme and the ten associated grants will focus on collaborative projects with iwi, hapū, marae hapori, tohunga and kaitiaki to support and revitalise mātauranga relating to wāhi tapu and wāhi tūpuna.

Delivery of the programme will be through pūkenga-led wānanga, research, on-site interpretation, cultural mapping and hīkoi to revitalise ancestral landscape histories, pūrakau and pakiwaitara.  The grants support retention and transmission of kōrero tuku iho as well as traditional practices within ancestral places in 

  • cultural mapping
  • maramataka
  • waka haerenga, and
  • kohatu.

Find out more about the assessment criteria for applications for the Ancestral Landscapes contestable grants (pdf).

Contestable Funding Applications

Twenty grants of up to $25,000 each are available to iwi, hapū and hāpori Māori for projects supporting the revitalisation of vulnerable mātauranga Māori. Ten grants are available to each of the work streams (Māori built heritage and ancestral landscapes)

Applications must be made on the appropriate form provided by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga and sent with all required supporting material to:

Pou Taituarā/Assistant Co-ordinator
Mātauranga Māori Programme
Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
Antrim House
PO Box 2629
Wellington 6140

email: SNewton2@heritage.org.nz

Applications have closed, please contact our Pou Taituarā with any questions or enquiries.


You can download the application form as a Google form which allows you to complete the form online (preferred) or download in pdf format.  You may obtain a Word version of the form by contacting the programme's Pou Taituarā/Assistant Coordinator, Sophia Newton on (04) 494 8036 or SNewton2@heritage.org.nz.

How will applications be assessed?

Each of the two funding streams have specific criteria against which applications will be assessed.  To help you prepare your application, read the relevant guide:

Questions or for more information

We are here to help. Try our FAQs or contact the programme's Pou Taituarā:

Sophia Newton
tel: (04) 494 8036
email: SNewton2@heritage.org.nz.