Notified proposals and reviews 

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga often seeks comments from the public when it proposes to include new items on the List or review current entries.  

These comments are taken into account when the Heritage New Zealand Board makes decisions on proposals and reviews.

Proposals can also be entered on the List with the written agreement of the owners and registered interests (such as mortgage holders) on the certificate of title.  In such cases, formal public comments are not sought but interested parties are informed personally in writing about the proposal.

The Notification Process

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga prepares reports that explain why a place or area is considered to be worthy of entry on the List. These are provided to the public during the notification process.

When a proposal is publicly notified, letters and copies of the report are sent to all interested parties inviting submissions and notices are placed in the main public newspaper in the area.

There is a formal notification period of 20 working days in which you can comment on a proposal. This period can be extended to 40 working days, if necessary. Contact the Manager Heritage Listing if you wish to request an extension.

When the notification period closes, the Board will consider the proposal and any submissions before making a decision.  All submitters will be informed of the decision in writing.  If the place or area is entered on the List, information on it will be made available on the List Online.

How do I make a submission?

All submissions must be made in writing either by e-mail or post.  Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga does not have a standard form on which you might make your response.  Submissions often include comments on reasons for or against the proposal, as well as the information provided in the assessment report.  Contact details for the person to whom a submission on a currently notified proposal may be sent can be found under the individual listings below.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the Manager Heritage Listing


Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga are currently seeking submissions on the following proposals:

Sutton House and Garden, Christchurch

Sutton House and Garden, Christchurch

Notice is hereby given under section 67 of the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014 of a proposal to enter Sutton House and Garden, Christchurch on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero. 

Submissions are due on the 21st January 2021 and should be addressed to:

Fiona Wykes
Area Manager Canterbury and the West Coast 
Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga 
PO Box No. 4403


Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga is not currently seeking submissions on review reports.


In Progress

The following proposals and reviews have been publicly notified and the submission period has now closed. In some cases a proposal will progress with agreement from the owners.

Stockade Hill

Stockade Hill, Auckland

Submissions for this proposal have now closed. For further information, please contact:

Sherry Reynolds
Director Northern
Attn. Martin Jones
Senior Heritage Assessment Advisor
Heritage New Zealand
PO Box 105-291
Auckland 1143

Wellington Harbour Board Historic Area

Wellington Harbour Board Historic Area, Wellington

Submissions for this proposal have now closed. For further information, please contact:

Jamie Jacobs
General Manager Central Region
Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
P O Box 2629
Wellington 6140.