Clendon House

Clendon House is the fascinating home of Captain James Reddy Clendon, ship owner and trader. Captain Clendon was in the thick of the earliest Maori and Pakeha interaction and was a witness to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Clendon House

He was Chairman of New Zealand’s first bank, a member of the first legislative council and became the first United States Consul in New Zealand. A visit provides captivating insights into the wrangles of early  colonial politics.

Clendon House celebrates Jane, Clendon’s wife of Hokianga Maori descent. Left a widow in 1872, with little money, huge debts and eight children to raise, Jane took an interesting course of action to pay the debt, save the house and educate her children.

The house remained in the possession of the Clendon family untill 1972 when it and the contents were purchased by Heritage New Zealand for visitors to relive a fascinating part of New Zealand history.

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Unpretentious in design, but displaying dignity of a house suited to the owner's public position.